Beauty is in the eye of the beholder​​
Times of meetings at the Lakelands Library and community centre

6 - 9 pm

Bring your camera along just in case we have a workshop or an event happening and you may wish to participate
We encourage members to submit their images for the website
  1. Free to Be
    Free to Be
    Horse country
  2. African Savannah
    African Savannah
    Elephants wandering
  3. Cold Winters Day
    Cold Winters Day
    Misty and Wet
  4. Bales of Hay
    Bales of Hay
    at sunset
  5. Farmlands
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  6. Cheerfulness
    Hong Kong Budda Visit
  7. Little Girl in Hong Kong
    Little Girl in Hong Kong
    Taken in Hong Kong
  8. Twelve Apostles
    Twelve Apostles
    Across the Nullabor
  9. Raeburn Orchards
    Raeburn Orchards
    At the start of winter
  10. Raeburn Orchard
    Raeburn Orchard
    Picking up the Autumn Leaves
  11. Caught
  12. Creative Pot
    Creative Pot
    Water & Lighting
  13. Tip Toe through the Tulips
    Tip Toe through the Tulips
  14. Afternoon Tea
    Afternoon Tea
    Fremantle Martkets